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You can often determine the correct embedded server configuration by first creating a yaws.conf file specifying the desired configuration, running a stand-alone Yaws using it, and then dumping the server's configuration by executing the… When the client GETs a a page that has a .yaws suffix. The Yaws server will read that page from the hard disk and divide it in parts that consist of HTML code and Erlang code. The expiration date can be set as rela‐ tive to either the time the source file was last modified; as the time of the client access; or as always in order to empty the cache altogether. All traffic will be written to a trace file called trace.traffic in the log directory. --tracehttp HTTP trace mode. All HTTP messages will be written to a trace file called trace.http in the log directory. --traceout When yaws is put into… out(A) -> {bindings, [{"A", "foo"}, {"B", "baz"}]


%%A%% != %%B%%

An enormous amount of plain html source here.

out(A) -> Value = yaws_api:binding("A"), {ehtml… Yxa from - lightcyphers/yxa-1.0 Contribute to phucnv282/docker-man development by creating an account on GitHub.

This can be achieved by excluding a set of directories.

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// To try this sample out using haXe and neko, // save this file as Application.hx and run the following to compile it: // haxe Application -neko Application.n -main Application.hx // and the following to execute it: // neko Application.n… -record(arg, { clisock, %% the socket leading to the peer client client_ip_port, %% {Ip, Port} for the client headers, %% headers req, %% request orig_req, %% original request clidata, %% The client data (as a binary in POST requests… These can be put in the .app file instead if one makes a yapp of it: {ok, YawsPid} indicates to Pid that it can send data over the socket, which is available as Arg#arg.clisock. YawsPid will be used later to tell yaws that Pid has finished streaming.

Building RESTful Web Services with Erlang and Yaws - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Concurrency and reliability are important characteristics for RESTful web services, and those…

If no message is received within KeepAliveGracePeriod milliseconds, a timeout will occur. Depending on the DropBoolean value, a close frame is sent with the status code 1006 (if DropBoolean is true) or the callback module is notified (see … Cookies are the means in HTTP to assign data to a session. A HTTP session typically consists of many (and sometimes concurrent) TCP connections from the client to the web server. To illustrate how to write a module that handles auth and access logging in Yaws, we will get a concrete example: How to log the original client IP behind a HTTP reverse proxy. A url can have an optional query part. This part is passed in the A#arg.querydata which is passed as an argument to the out/1 function. Cayla Nicole Drotar is an American softball player. She attended Hartsville High School in Hartsville, South Carolina. She later attended the University of South Carolina, where she pitched for the South Carolina Gamecocks softball team. Yaws can be embedded into other Erlang-based applications or run as a regular standalone web server. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the third-largest province of Pakistan by the size of both population and economy, though it is geographically the smallest of four. Within Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa shares a border with Punjab, Balochistan, Azad…

Easy way to integrate Java-powered system with Hyber platform - Incuube/Hyber-SDK-Java

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